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Welcome to the website of Iceland Eyjafjallajökull volcano and Katla volcano. The server will have hopefully soon also travelogue of travel experiences on the site of Iceland from the year before. In the spring of 2010, a hot topic was Eyjafjallajökull and Katla. Volcanic activity is unpredictable and uncontrollable man. That's why so surprised ...   

History of the volcano:
According to geological records and measurements, we know only four eruptions. The first we can only learn from geological measurements and occurred in 550 AD. The second massive explosion took place in 1612 and lasted several weeks.

The third incident occurred between Dec. 19, 1821 January 1 to 18 232 alarms when activity of the volcano, but not forever. It was a small eruption. Damages caused by the eruption were no large, rather it was the reaction of sulfur in the ash, and it has a higher dose of harmful effects on bones, teeth and the like. He worked on sheep and cattle but also for people. The eruption then increased the temperature in the area, which began over the surrounding glacier melt. The increased water levels of nearby rivers and also deteriorated in the vicinity of the outflow. Picked up the level of the river Markarfljót and Holts. Towards the City of Reykjavík has been the full cloud of ash and heavy rains this troubled region.

The eruption continued until June next year. In August, the residents were waiting for a few explosions. Ash then has covered many of the surrounding area, for example Seltjarnarnes peninsula in the capital. Then after August until December 1822, the activity of the volcano calmed down slightly, while living in the vicinity do not stopped. Katla volcano erupted shortly. It is located under the glacier and near Mýrdalsjökull Eyjafjallu.

The fourth volcano eruption dates back to 14 April 2010. Its true origin is of 30 March 2010, when it began a long time again to show the Fimmvör?uháls, which is about 8 km away from the crater. On 14 April, however, began to manifest itself Eyjafjall main crater and started melting glaciers, flooding rivers. Started the evacuation of population in this area is about 800 people.

The world watched the beginning of the eruption as a classic phenomenon of nature. However, the eruption of the air removed more ash and deflecting wind direction, which does nobody. Closure of the day after the flight has already caused chaos in the air and as many government officials are unable to attend the funeral Lew Kaczynski and his wife and other victims of air disasters in Smolensk, which came just days before.


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