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Welcome to the website of Iceland Eyjafjallajökull volcano and Katla volcano. The server will have hopefully soon also travelogue of travel experiences on the site of Iceland from the year before. In the spring of 2010, a hot topic was Eyjafjallajökull and Katla. Volcanic activity is unpredictable and uncontrollable man. That's why so surprised ...   

Some articles are more or less important for understanding and more knowledge of this problem.

Because of the ash cloud for a few hours again closed the airport in Scandinavia
Sweden and Norway on Wednesday night again, some airports have closed because of volcanic ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano. The Swedish during Thursday's morning revived. The country was shut down airports in the south in Malmo and Gothenburg. Ash cloud suddenly shifted to the north 22. apríl 2010

Iceland volcano again or closes over Europe
Sent over the continent is another cloud of volcanic ash, a few days ago that paralyzed much air traffic. Cloud, which should now also be hit over Slovakia have already closed many airports in Europe. For us with something so does not count. "Currently, we have indications that it was necessary to close the airspace again," said DOT spokesman HN Stanislav Jurikovič.     21. apríl 2010

Iceland volcano quiet, but confusion in the transport takes
The activity of the volcano and ash Eyjafjallajökull weakens and dust over Europe is less, the volcano began to spew lava. Although it could be from Tuesday to Wednesday to resume most of Europe's air services, airports continue to experience confusion is compounded in recent days. According to the AP the agency will take weeks before      20. apríl 2010

Insights into the rough volcanic crater
Iceland RÚV television the night of Monday to Tuesday unique footage shot Eyjafjallajökull active volcanoes. It is visible to them and Discard stones vyvrhovaná lava from the crater, which is already Friday rolls a cloud of volcanic smoke. The morning after Tuesday's causing new problems in the air over Europe. Most British airports will be closed within two in the mornings. all the people who are stranded abroad get home.   20. apríl 2010

Iceland's volcanic activity intensified, the UK heading for new cloud
Europe on Tuesday under the European Union expected a resumption of air traffic, which in recent days depleted volcanic cloud from Iceland. Britain in the night announced that it is close to its territory a new cloud of volcanic ash and the British airline British Airways on the recommendation of local authorities on Tuesday canceled all flights to the shorter distance.   20. apríla 2010

Iceland volcano could spew ash and two years
From Iceland to Slovakia fly green beer bottle smashed on millimeter particles. According Volcanology Jaroslav Lexa is made up of volcanic dust from Iceland like glass. "It is basically a basalt, but closest to him have a green beer bottle," says a scientist at the Geological Institute. Although the particles are solid, according to him there is no risk. "They are too small and low concentration. The city breathe more dust, so there is no health risk," he adds.   17. apríla 2010

Icelandic volcano have face of demon!
Icelandic volcano, which causes problems in the air almost all over the world, the air still churns out great clouds of volcanic ash and yet does not appear to mark, that its activity was waning. She is now Reuters referring to local experts, Its have a head of devil.  16. apríla 2010

BRITAIN: Iceland volcano weaned Scottish airport
All flights to an airport in Scotland on Thursday morning to be redirected. This was the ash, which fell on this part of Britain, coming from the active volcanoes of Iceland. Reported on the national aviation authority NATS. "I am canceling flights in the area affected by the swirl of ashes coming from Iceland's volcanic eruption ... This is to ensure air traffic safety," it at the office.   15. apríla 2010


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